Donnerstag, 28. März 2013

2 fun strategies that help to leave old problems behind - check it out!

I love synchronicity, meaning that when you think, speak or deal with something more in-depth, you suddenly realize that this topic, person, group, community appears more often on your radar.
Has that ever happened to you? I'm sure it has.
The truth is that once we get interested or engaged in something (or someone^^) our brain gets wired to notice the topic of interest more and more consciously - and consciousness is the key word here!

I love these moments, when I think about something - as I had it yesterday with the topic of change and the new approach to dealing with problems or failure - everything I read and listened to afterwards, has dealt with the exact same topic!!! Coincidence... I don't think so!

Well, so much about my love-relationship to these small miracles (which always make me smile^^). The fact that the issue came up repeatedly after I wrote the last post, I decided that there is more that I have to say about this, and here it is ;-)

What do all problems have in common?

In one way or the other they have their sneaky roots in the past. Some are stronger and louder and we repeat them over and over again in our mind, with the effect that they (those sneaky problems) influence our being in the present; in fact, we cannot be fully present when we still dwell in our old problems or the failure that we did years ago...
We feel blocked to move on. We feel stuck with that problem FOREVER. We feel powerless to change. We think that we have tried everything and change simply does not work. We are terrified to get out of our 'comfort-zone'. (ironically we call it comfort zone, but it is really that comfortable??) One more... We might even feel embarrassed of having that problem, which leads us to hiding and concealing ourselves in fear of judgment from others.

Yuck - that sounds a terrible place to live from, doesn't it?

What is another thing that all those problems from the past have in common? They are IN the past, not the present - and that is the best thing about all this! THE PAST HAS PAST!!! That is the awesome and naked truth, because now all that is left for the problem to be there is YOU, and only YOU holding on to it!!!

I offer you some cures from NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) here, that have helped me in the past:

Oh, before I reveal some really juicy, fun and good stuff, I want to make sure that you are aware of the one single and most important prerequisite to be effective with those exercises: YOU'VE GOT TO WANT IT! You have to say with conviction: Thank you fear, problem, (fill in your blank), you've been around for long enough, I have learned my lesson - enough is enough!!!

OK, ready!? :-)

#1: Enough is Enough Pattern:
  1. Think of five times where you felt having or even embarrassed by having that fear or problem.
  2. Make a movie of all five scenes.
  3. Put all 5 movie scenes together - one after the other looking ridiculous of having this fear!
  4. Now, it gets really fun... make the pictures bigger and brighter, play circus music to it (my favorite and sooo effective :D) as you run the movie of all five times in a row looking ridiculous until you get more and more embarrassed!
  5. Keep on doing it until you start to say to yourself 'OK, this is insane! Enough is enough!'
#2: Laugh away your Fears (very effective if you're like me - love to laugh ;))
  1. Think of a time you laughed your a$$ off. A time you couldn't stop laughing. A time when you had to love so hard that milk came out of your nose (or whatever it was that you were drinking :D) Remember how that felt, what you were thinking and feeling vividly!
  2. Keep going :D
  3. Keep on laughing and dwell in the experience :D :D
    Still, keep on doing it -feel what you felt, think what you thought, see what you saw, and feel feel feel gooood!
  4. As you keep having those giggles, begin to think about what you used to fear and notice that as you laugh at it how it begins to change in your mind - the shift in perception!
The best outcome will of course be accomplished if you follow both scenarios one after the other - the first is to really ensure that you are fed up with keeping that fear or problem around and #2 is a great tool to really begin to laugh about your problems.

What is it that we do about problems, addictions, fears that we have 'overcome' or 'left behind' (= they do not have an effect on your present, and YOU have put them into the past!)? Yesss, we laugh about them!!!

Why wait? Start now!
You deserve it :)

Can you think of one person in your life who could also benefit from these tips? 
Remember sharing is caring ;-)

I would love to hear from you, how it works and your unique experience!
Happy Easter =)


Dienstag, 26. März 2013

About ChAnGe!

Wow, it's been a while...
Arriving back in Austria after spending 7 transformational months in NYC has been a process in itself.

'Gut Ding braucht Weil' is a saying in German that means that all good things take time to flourish/come out/reveal! And that's how it has been and felt for me for the past 4 weeks.

I am very blessed to have a family and friends, who welcomed me wholeheartedly and remained patient for my fully integrated arrival (sure, I was physically present, but I also had to let the busy NYC gal and conscious Sati-warrior arrive back in cosy Austria^^)

What I could actually say is that 'daily life' has me back - but what does that really mean?
Thanks to many amazing experiences my perception, awareness and consciousness of many areas in life have changed. Be it body-, relationship with myself and others-, conflict- and goal perception have transformed... to be very specific they are all ever changing.

With every decision we make, we change in a way. We let go of something old to experience something new. 
Now, this does mean that we dare to try new things, which in turn has us come out of our comfort zone and yes, we might 'fail' (important note: this is only a matter of perception!!!)

I listened to one of Tony Robbins' tapes yesterday where he brought this right to the point:
If I would ask you if you like to fail - sure, you would intuitively say NO (and think 'crazy gal' to yourself - and that's ok^^) Let me re-frame my question: DO YOU LIKE TO LEARN?

Hm, so as many things in life - a matter of definition! What does learning mean to you?

Tony's approach offers us a tool of handling situations that surprise us negatively, which he calls PROBLEMS ;)

I encourage you to rethink your model of approaching failure and problems - when we come from the place of being the curious student of life, failures all of a sudden turn into lessons and problems become the playground of experiences to learn from!

When you are courageous enough to take this new approach (and I know you are), you'll soon start to realize that you dock onto the same stations (aka problems), but your docking tools have changed!

So go for it and enjoy the worry-free student life :)
p.s. good to be back *yay* missed the writing!