Donnerstag, 30. August 2012

I am a Warrior :)

Even before I arrived in NYC I joined one of the most inspiring and wonderful communities on this planet - the Sati life community!
Sati Life was developed by Patricia Moreno for anyone and everyone looking to become more aware of their thoughts, words, attitudes and actions. Initially, the focus was centered around “intenSati”, a workout that was created to bring mindfulness to a cardio-based fitness class. 
Most of you know that I am a huge fan of coaching, NLP and sports - during my training to become an aerobics instructor, I thought that there must be a way to combine positive thinking with actions during the training! First thing I did was to research on the internet to find out if there are people out there who share my thoughts and I was so excited when I discovered Patricia Moreno's intenSati! And as destiny wanted it, I got accepted for an internship in NYC and next 2 things I did were: order the book "the intenSati method" (i think I read it 3 times already^^) and sign up for the leader training! Shortly followed by registering for the Workin'it Out event, which took placce on the day of my arrival (i remember posts on my FB wall about that ;))
I mentioned it already, it was the perfect KickOff for my time in NYC - being part of this event right on the first day was so wonderful and inspiring! This workout empowers you to challenge yourself; it energizes your body, makes you sweat, fuels your mind and positive thoughts and raises your sensitivity to what, how and why you feel or think certain things!
Additionally, I signed up to the Sati Life Warrior Training! Patricia creates monthly programs for all warriors, each embodying a different theme - in August we are UNSTOPPABLE (gosh, I'm actually in NYC - hell yeah I'm unstoppable^^) in September I am looking forward to be MAGICAL :) Each months warrior series encompasses a recorded workout, meditation, the chance to participate in community calls and special to do's to make it (your goals, dreams, desires) come true! 
Being a part of this great community I can only wholeheartedly agree to this: 

"We are a community committed to being a powerful force for positive change in the world. We are devoted to living happier, healthier and beneficial lives. Our intention is to continually train to be the change we want to see in the world and embody love in all that we think, say and do."

Have a wonderful day/night (from where ever you are following my thoughts from on this planet)!

Before I say good-night, I need to get this out: YOU ARE AWESOME!!! Thank you all so much for reading and following my blog! when you are so far away from home and you start sharing some thoughts here and realizing that you actually have an audience is a great feeling and it empowers me everyday! Which is why I will let my blog become a high priority again ;)

Have a great one :)
Love, xoxo 

Samstag, 25. August 2012

730 hours...

or 2 629 743 seconds!!! That is the exact time that I have spent in NYC already and I can't believe it -  the time passed by suuuper quickly and I'm thinking "What one month is already over??? Only 6 more left :("

I know that blogging was not priority number 1 in the past 730 hours, but I guess I needed the time to see for myself, if I really like and enjoy living in this city - and with confidence I can say now that this city is amazing, and that I am very grateful to be here!

I have experienced so many fantastic things... NYC offers A LOT in terms of leisure time! A short wrap up of the past month: 
Rooftops - the view over the city is incredible 
Bar hoppings - 1. the beauty bar, where you can get a manicure for 10$ inside the bar, plus 1 free drink included (when you consider that you have to expect at least 5$ for a beer, its a good bargain i would say ;)) 2. a bar, where you get for every beer you order a free pizza :D
And there are maaaaany more, but these were (for now) my highlights^^
Department stores (Macy's, Bloomingdales, Century 21,...) I guess I can save the lines about shopping, casu we all know it is awesome to shop in NYC ;)
Culinary adventure - NYC offers an incredibly enormous amount of culinary delights! Especially in Hell's Kitchen the density of foreign restaurants is a pleasure for every thai, mexican, japanese, french, local food lover :)
Summer Stage in Central Park - in Summer the TV channel ABC is present every friday morning (7am) with their show Good Morning America and the specialty about these events are that VIP'S from the music scene are performing for free!!! So far I have seen Neyo and One Republic performing - next week the Backstreet Boys are on :D 

The fabulous trip to Lake George... but I will do an extra blog post with pics for that ;)

The concious life-style - Since I arrived 730 hours ago, I continued and even intensified my sportive routine and activities! Be it running in Central Park, going to the gym for Spinning (with which I totally fell in love with here^^) or another aerobics class either in the gym or somewhere outside! Also I really enjoy to eat healthy here - the rage of healthy restaurants is incredible (especially for lunch)
Most people would think, omg its NY you have to eat burgers and fries every day - b***sh**!!! Of course, I also indulge myself with a cupcake, ice cream or burger from time to time but I try to control thos temptations - Sporty regards ;)

Oh, I could go on for another hour or 5 about what I have been doing in the past 730 hours ;) but most importantly, I am super happy in this city and I embrace every moment I spend here!!!

Yesterday someone asked me if I already consider myself being a New Yorker; and I asked him what is needed to qualify - and here is the answer: "1st: You avoid Times Square, caus ou cannot stand the crowds of tourists! 2nd: New York is a very fast moving city, so are its inhabitants - so slow moving people, like tourists on the street are the worst! and 3rd: If you enjoy doing sports, you join the running crowd in Central Park!"
I had to check for each of these requirements ;)

Again, I can't believe that 1 month of 7 is already over! You can't imagine how much I look forward to the next 6 :)
I'll be back soon - promise ;)


Freitag, 3. August 2012

The pace of change!

NYC lives up to its image as city that never sleeps, which also applies to me up until now - everything moves so fast and eventhough it can takes ages to get from one place to the other especially when subways are crowded and you are suffering from this incredible heat (apparently we will have an indian summer - look forward to that^^) - a friend of mine said a couple of days ago that the time seems to move faster in NYC than anywhere else in the world! I will let you know about my perception of it, but I assume it won't take long until I will agree to that ;)
When I came to New York 9 days ago with my sister and my mom, we started to experience the city and to enjoy its amazing sights and attractions to the fullest! I hope you enjoy looking at some selected photos and have fun imagining what my past few days have been like...

Before starting off with the photos, I have to tell you about the most amazing KickOff experience that I had on my very first day: Prior to my arrival in NYC I signed up for a fitness event from Patricia Moreno "Workin'it out" - from the previously introduced lifestyle and fitness program intenSati! 
The first 2 hours in NYC couldn't have been better :) this special workout, which I have never tried before, promised a lot and exceeded my expectations - it was phenomenal, energizing, empowering, inspiring, motivating, ...........! I am really looking forward to taking some more classes this weekend :)))

Now, lets get started with a collection of my first impressions:

Foggy Day in NYC - wondering how high this building is?! ;)

Stunning boat cruise...
...north of Manhattan... tiny Lego elements^^...

...the only connection beween Manhattan and Roosevelt Island...

...Financial Dirstrict!

Where is Chuck Bass???

Open-air movie @ Beautiful Bryant Park <3

Rockefeller Center

Hello, Manhattan! (from Top of the Rocks!)

Yeees, I was there ;)

and there too ;)
I felt like watching a movie - a happy couple watching the stunning view over NYC and then he pulls out the ring... (you know the rest^^) Super romantic moment & same as in the movies :))) <3 A proposal on the top of Rockefeller Center, can it be more cheesy and romantic!?!

@ Central Park

Pain quotidien in NYC - I like! a lot! ;)

I will be back with some more impressions soon :) take care, xoxo