Freitag, 29. Juni 2012

We only part to meet again!

Time is running incredibly fast - my last 26 days in Austria before moving to NYC for 7 months! I'm extremely curious about the city, especially since I have been reading and following numerous blogs and websites about leisure (primarily concerning sports^^) in New York lately!

Last week I finished the last exams at uni and the past few days I spent moving out of my appartement to stay at my parents' during my last weeks in Austria.

My 'things-to-do-before-I-leave list' does not get shorter - more the other way round! 
The majority of things on there mean pleasure and fun, while I consider other(s) a bit painful or agonizing... When you are facing a big adventure (like spending 7 months in NYC^^) you feel super excited, curious and enthusiastic :) after a while you realize that there is one thing that comes with the delight: the goodbuys!
Be it moving from your nice appartment, selling your beloved-car or leaving your friends and family for a few months. No one likes goodbyes, even though you know that it is only for some months and that you can visit anytime, it is the one thing that makes the start of this adventure more difficult - not only for yourself but also (and sometimes even more) for your loved ones!
Luckily there is still enough time to enjoy with family and friends, but as I mentioned before - time is running!
I'm very grateful for all the support I get from everyone ;) also I'm superdooper excited about this unique experience.
Yet, I look forward to going to NY every single minute - lets wait and see how I will feel about that in 25 days ;)

"The joy of meeting pays the pangs of absence; else who could bear it?"  
~Nicholas Rowe

Montag, 25. Juni 2012

I don't mind the heat...

... is what I would like to say and just go for a run at high temperatures!
I am a passionate runner, especially in spring and autumn but in summer it always requires a lot of endurance and stamina to enjoy a run in the heat.

On Well+Good NYC I read an article about the main reasons for the difference in performance during the hot season and how you can train to be more "resistant" against the warm weather. Here is a short summary of the findings:
  1. Anatomical and physiological reasons - the article brings a person's body fat and height in connection with the stamina against heat!
    Lets examine the body height as major factor: "The more you have, the better you’ll be able to dissipate heat through your skin. Evolution takes this into account. “Alaskan Eskimos are generally vertically-challenged and wide-framed (to conserve heat), whereas Egyptians are tall and lanky (to help dissipate heat),” So, being short will hurt you here, as will having a higher body fat percentage." (source)
  2. Gender plays a role - men have bigger pores, which assist them in better coping with heat than women!
  3. Personal fitness and cardio level matters
  4. Drink lots of water & place a frozen towel on the back of your neck
  5. Start training in normal temperatures and then take the challenge of the heat!
Read more on Well+Good NYC!

I hope I will soon be able to say "I don't mind the heat!" again ;-)

Sonntag, 24. Juni 2012

The passion becomes a career!

Friday, was the BIG day - I had the final examination (theoretical & practical) for becoming a certified aerobic instructor! Besides all the exams at Uni I was super happy and grateful, when the examiners handed out the diploma to me :-) Now I can turn my passion into a career!
I look forward to teaching my first aerobic class - right on time that I will leave to New York :-/ I am sure or lets say I hope that there will be a possibility to get some routine and practice there as well!
Always interested in further education, I do consider taking some in the US too - the research for the best course is ongoing ;-)

On Well+Good's Healthy Summer Guide I found a lot of very interesting articles about where to join the best yoga and aerobic classes in NYC - most of them are outdoor classes and even for free :-) One of the first things I will try out as soon as I arrive in New York! Perfect, it's Summer :-)

Dienstag, 19. Juni 2012

Bootcamp - we survived!!!

Today, I was taking a break from studying to go to Bootcamp, an aerobic class in the local gym! Never tried it out before, so I thought "let's do that"!
Two study colleagues joined for the taking-a-break-from-studying - hell yeah, and what kind of break this was!!!
There we were waiting for the start of the workout, when the instructor handed out 2 plastic cups to each participant instead of heavy hands - Yeah, I'm not kidding... PLASTIC CUPS!
The instructor is very well known to push you to your limits in every class - I love it, caus' it is super effective ;) and the next day you feel that you challenged your body from head to toe - Autsch^^
I really like it when you go for a workout and you give everything you've got; even if it hurts and your muscles are burning already - the good thing is you can stop at any time and you know that you did something really awesome to your body, your mind and your health :)))
Well you shouldn't train like this every day, but once in a while and done in a cautious and sensible manner, it is a great challenge for your body & it provides diversity to your training!!
Those of you who love to go to their limits, can definitely have their fling with Bootcamp classes - the only thing, I missed (to make the class really live up to its title) was the thunderer whistle :D

Back to the plastic cups - they were the evil ingredient to make every single excerise harder, more intense and also more effective!
As I have already uncovered in a previous post, I am also becoming an aerobic instructor, therefore I'm always curious for new ideas and inspiration for my time as instructor...
For sure, I will take this creative idea into my own training portfolio! Makes the workout more experiential, different and FUN :)))

Sonntag, 17. Juni 2012

New York - urban jungle! Where to live?


Approximately 2 weeks ago, I found out that I will be working in New York for 7 months! The first thing I did was to buy a travel guide - guess what my mom did!? Yeah, you're right the same ;D Anyway, i prefer mine (red)^^
Since then, I use every spare minute to search for the best housing solution - I started by applying for several student homes, in order to ease socializing in this big city! After some serious consideration of the numerous solutions that presented in front of me, I decided to go brave and search for a flatshare in New York City!
So here I am looking for the best fit, and this time I am not talking about boutique shopping ;)

Well at least I know that I want to live in Manhattan ;) since I spoke with friends, who have already been to New York, I attentively look for a nice flat and nice roomies on the Upper West Side or Chelsea!

I will update from time to time how it goes - and will post some recs and lessons learned about the 'how to find the perfect flat in NYC' ;)

Have a great Sunday :) I'm off to watch tonight's football game!


Dienstag, 12. Juni 2012

Essie Connection!

Wohooo - my growing Essie nail polish collection got a visit from the brand new Summer Collection ( Thanks to my dear friend, who was so kind to bring them to our lunch-gossip-study session yesterday, I have a new favorite "Bikini so teeny" (psst, its the blue one on the right^^)! Before it was "Tart deco"

The Luxeffects line is a little more daring, but as a nailpolish lover, I will have to get those as well & this is "set in stones" :)

Which one is your fav?

Freitag, 8. Juni 2012

Viereck's tablet ordering restaurant in Vienna

Viereck - is a restaurant, where guests order their food and drinks through tablet pcs! A system that is very common in Germany for example, but just entered the Austrian market 2 months ago. 4 young entrepreneurs brought this idea to the first district in Vienna - I have attended the JADE conference on entrepreneurship and change, where two of the founders told their story! Being a curious person, I knew that I will have to try this out sometime - better sooner than later ;) My friend Lucy and I decided to go there and try without reserving a table - we where really impressed by the nice and friendly welcoming and the table they offered us. The atmosphere in the restaurant is super relaxed!
So we received our (very different, but genious) menus and the waiter explained us the procedure - that we should order each meal at a time, caus' as soon as you order something it will be send to the kitchen for preps. When we started to look through the menu we were really thrilled by the visual support of each dish and drink - the pictures on the menu also matched the reality :)))
The portions are quite small, therefore the prices for each meal are not really high AND you can taste different dishes during one visit!

Summing up: We loved it :)))

Mittwoch, 6. Juni 2012

New York - Try Out I

Being really passionate and (some say) crazy about sports, I obviously did intense research about the sports offers in NYC - it is massive! My most intersting finding (for now^^) is called INTENSATI!!!
"Inten" derives from "intention", and "Sati" is a Pali word which means mindfulness.
IntenSati is an exhilarating workout that builds physical, mental, and spiritual muscle. Courage, confidence, willpower, enthusiasm, self-respect, and a strong, healthy body are all results of this powerful practice. (source:
AWESOME - I definitely have to try that :) as I am currently in the final phase of my course to become an aerobic instructor, I am super excited to experience this new fitness trend from the US myself! Who knows, maybe I will bring it home with me, after the 7 months - oi, I let myself drift away in daydreaming again, which I will stop now to get productive again, exams, presentations and so on are waiting ;)

Dienstag, 5. Juni 2012

Best way to prepare for an exam :)

My colleague Nina and I decided to move the studying location from the desk at home to a nice restaurant near the danube - the Wellenspiel! We had delicious cakes and some Spritzers - the new Summerhit "Hugo" is a MUST!!! (White wine & sparkling water flavoured with elder and fresh mint) mmmhhh :)

Montag, 4. Juni 2012

JADE May Meeting

Besides studying and all I am also a member of the Junior Enterprise StuCon - which is a platform for students to realize their own entrepreneurial ideas and to gain relevant work experience in consulting projects with regional, national as well as international clients. Another major benefit of the membership is the umbrella organization JADE behind it - it is an international network of Junior Enterprises that unites about 20.000 students all over Europe and Brasil! 4 international Meetings are organized each year - and I had the pleasure with 5 colleagues and friends to be part of the 2nd meeting of this year, the JADE May Meeting in Vienna. The organizer uniforce did a great job - great workshops, awesome parties and brilliant location :)
The next meeting will be the Summer JADE Meeting in Romania (on the beach^^) - and I will not this chance slip ;) see you there!!!

Samstag, 2. Juni 2012

I got it - NEW YORK

Fiiiinally I got IT: An internship in New York :) :) :) 7 months in Big Apple - can you believe it?! Caus' I'm still not sure if I really do ;D My dream and wish comes true!!! I am super excited about the forthcoming months; before I have a couple of things on the agenda: visa, housing, flight etc. ... aaand I definitely have to buy a travel guide - pfff, one!?!?! make it three :D
Unfortunately in all the excitement I also have to take care about exams and presentations at uni :( - 3 weeks to go and then all my attention will be put on the adventure ahead of me - New York!