Dienstag, 19. Juni 2012

Bootcamp - we survived!!!

Today, I was taking a break from studying to go to Bootcamp, an aerobic class in the local gym! Never tried it out before, so I thought "let's do that"!
Two study colleagues joined for the taking-a-break-from-studying - hell yeah, and what kind of break this was!!!
There we were waiting for the start of the workout, when the instructor handed out 2 plastic cups to each participant instead of heavy hands - Yeah, I'm not kidding... PLASTIC CUPS!
The instructor is very well known to push you to your limits in every class - I love it, caus' it is super effective ;) and the next day you feel that you challenged your body from head to toe - Autsch^^
I really like it when you go for a workout and you give everything you've got; even if it hurts and your muscles are burning already - the good thing is you can stop at any time and you know that you did something really awesome to your body, your mind and your health :)))
Well you shouldn't train like this every day, but once in a while and done in a cautious and sensible manner, it is a great challenge for your body & it provides diversity to your training!!
Those of you who love to go to their limits, can definitely have their fling with Bootcamp classes - the only thing, I missed (to make the class really live up to its title) was the thunderer whistle :D

Back to the plastic cups - they were the evil ingredient to make every single excerise harder, more intense and also more effective!
As I have already uncovered in a previous post, I am also becoming an aerobic instructor, therefore I'm always curious for new ideas and inspiration for my time as instructor...
For sure, I will take this creative idea into my own training portfolio! Makes the workout more experiential, different and FUN :)))

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