Samstag, 2. Juni 2012

I got it - NEW YORK

Fiiiinally I got IT: An internship in New York :) :) :) 7 months in Big Apple - can you believe it?! Caus' I'm still not sure if I really do ;D My dream and wish comes true!!! I am super excited about the forthcoming months; before I have a couple of things on the agenda: visa, housing, flight etc. ... aaand I definitely have to buy a travel guide - pfff, one!?!?! make it three :D
Unfortunately in all the excitement I also have to take care about exams and presentations at uni :( - 3 weeks to go and then all my attention will be put on the adventure ahead of me - New York!


  1. Noch einmal: Gratulieree! :D ** this deserve Champagne! :p **

  2. We made it, Maud :) Berlin & New York - we both have some awesome months ahead of us!!! One bottle of Dom Perignon, please ;D