Sonntag, 17. Juni 2012

New York - urban jungle! Where to live?


Approximately 2 weeks ago, I found out that I will be working in New York for 7 months! The first thing I did was to buy a travel guide - guess what my mom did!? Yeah, you're right the same ;D Anyway, i prefer mine (red)^^
Since then, I use every spare minute to search for the best housing solution - I started by applying for several student homes, in order to ease socializing in this big city! After some serious consideration of the numerous solutions that presented in front of me, I decided to go brave and search for a flatshare in New York City!
So here I am looking for the best fit, and this time I am not talking about boutique shopping ;)

Well at least I know that I want to live in Manhattan ;) since I spoke with friends, who have already been to New York, I attentively look for a nice flat and nice roomies on the Upper West Side or Chelsea!

I will update from time to time how it goes - and will post some recs and lessons learned about the 'how to find the perfect flat in NYC' ;)

Have a great Sunday :) I'm off to watch tonight's football game!


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