Freitag, 21. September 2012

Making promises and keeping them!

Do what you say you are going to do!!! Why is this important?

I'm going to loose weight - I will never be late again - I want to workout more - I want to eat more healthy - I will save money - and - so - on ...

Sounds familiar?! Anyone!? ;)

Well, I say "yes" it did to me! I could actually apply all of the above to my life. They were my permanent companions - for example, when I ate too much or too unhealthy I would workout more - but that did not lead to loosing weight the way I desired it to!
The words 'I am going to or I want to loose weight or eat more healthy or (you enter yours)' leave our mouths with ease. Maybe we are already making plans how to get there and then another well-known companion 'Mr. Excuse' might come my/your way. 
We are very clever, especially in finding excuses for everything - putting it off to a later time, because right now is simply not a good time! or we are too tired, old, young, fat, lazy, *you name it*
The key behind sticking to the promises that you've made for yourself or to others is ACCOUNTABILITY! 

Most of the time keeping promises, made to others are easier to keep, because you are the one to hold accountable for not sticking to it and it affects someone else too. But, if you make a promise to yourself, only you can hold yourself responsible for it - no one gets hurt if I don't do A or B. And we are also very good at covering up the promises we make to ourselves - 'if no one knows that I try to loose weight, nobody will know if I fail, but if I succeed - I will tell everybody' Sounds familiar!?!
Funny isn't it... And guess what, your soon-to-be-ditched friend Mr. Excuse shows up! You know how the loop goes ;)

The intenSati method teaches you how to be true about and to yourself - integrity and accountability are the keys - and how to create the right thoughts to pursue your goals! 
This months Warrior series is concerned with - tadaaa 'Making promises and keeping them' :)

Let me share my great learnings with you:
  1. Make a promise/ Set a goal (e.g. I will eat more healthy)
  2. Make it SMART: be very specific about what you want to achieve (e.g. I want to loose weight or become more active, that is why I will eat more heathly); make it measurable (e.g. I will eat 2 fresh fruits and 3 veggies each day - your 5 a day *ahaha*); stay realistic and make it achievable - you won't switch to a full alkaline diet from one day to another and set a timeframe (e.g. 1 or 2 months)
  3. Now the real FUN part: come up with consequences for not keeping your promises! I like the embarrassment consequences, such as making 3 random compliments to strangers the next day, or start singing the song you are listening to out-loud in public! Others are: wearing the same outfit the next day, wearing no make up, 100 push-ups, running an extra 5 miles, no chocolate, ... be creative!
  4. And share it!!! Tell it to your family and friends - you will have their support and you might be a motivation to them to join in on keeping a promise :)
Try it - it's a lot of fun and veeeery rewarding! Once you become clear, why and how you want to achieve something and you have come up consequences for not sticking to it - half the journey is done!

Thanks to intenSati and Laurie Gerber from the Handel Group for a very inspiring and motivating coaching session on this topic!

Good night, lovelies!

p.s. next time more on my challenge, the progress and experiences so far!

Dienstag, 18. September 2012

JoyPressions goes Facebook

On the KickOff day to my 30-day 'healthy-ever-after' challenge, I took some time to engage in and finish something that brings joy and fun to my evening after a day at work and excercising at the gym - I created my first and very own facebook page :)
As I am reading a lot about health, sports and spirituality on blogs, in books and magazines, I decided that I want to share that with all of you!
What I will post...
  • health tips (in the form of links or statements)
  • workout articles
  • TED videos
  • the "book of the month" (that I have been enjoying and absorbing before posting it - so it is a recommendation from the heart)
  • about my current project, my progress and new insights in nutrition and excercise along the way
  • quotes and affirmations that enlighten the day
So I would be very happy and grateful if you like it ;)

Thank you & good night!
Love, xoxo

Montag, 17. September 2012

I AM in it to win it!!!

I workout whenever I can (approx. 4-5 times a week), I try to eat healthy (despite very small indulges in the gourmet temple called NYC^^) and yet I haven't regognized any major body transformation. I have lost some weight since I arrived (that for sure), but given my regular workout and rather healthy diet, I would expect a liiittle more, less actually ;) 
Well, I haven't been exercising according to a specific schedule, which makes tracking change and improving performance rather difficult. 
As I said, I workout whenever I can - as a fitness enthusiast I'm making a lot of time for regular physical exercise. But the usual loop goes like this - I go to the gym almost every day during the week and would only take a break when my body tells me to - by then energy levels are low and I feel my muscles being very tired. 
Pushing your body to its limits, excessive exercise and waiting for it to shout "STOP" - that is not how you become stronger and train your body in a healthy manner! 
Another thing, I said I try to eat healthy - well, set aside late evening dinners, cocktail happy hours and going out (mostly) on weekends, I'm following a grrreat diet ;) When I have the feeling that I consumed too many calories the day before, guess what... more intense exercise is on next day's schedule!

SO, juuust when I had the feeling I need to change something in my daily habits to get where I want to be, I received a message on Facebook from one of the intenSati leaders, Tiffany proposing a big challenge to all members of the Satilife community: A 90 DAYS EXERCISE AND HEALTH PROGRAM!!! What is in it for me to win it:
  1. I will commit to 90 days of exercising according to a planned schedule! (which I will change every 2 weeks in order to ensure the diversity in my training)
  2. I will commit to eating clean and healthy foods, like more veggies and fruits than other foods, whole grain, lean protein! 
  3. I will commit to drinking at least 2 liters of water a day!
  4. Amazing Tiffany as a coach and advisor!
And guess what, I am not the only one who takes the challenge - we are 30 people who are in this together! It all runs through a facebook group, where we post and encourage each other to stay in the game :)

A quote from Tiffany: "Accountability is KEY! Studies have shown (and in my own experience I have seen) that support from a peer group and family plays a significant role in reaching any of our personal and professional goals."

I couldn't agree more!

Official start is tomorrow - I AM excited!!!
My exercise plan for the next two weeks is all set - I go for a 4 split (Mo, Wed, Fri, Sun, ...)
Regarding healthy dieting: I will go veggie for the next 2 weeks! I will have one fruit/veg day each week for cleansing purposes! I will avoid alcohol, sweets and white flour!

In the intenSati practice the topic of the month is "keeping your word" or "making a promise and keeping it" - in one of the greatly inspiring community calls this week Laurie Gerber, life-coach, said that you will be more accountable for your promises if you add consequences for not keeping them to it...
Sooo my consequence iiis: If I will not stick to one of the promises I made, I must not be wearing ANY make up the next day ;) I was about to take the usual thing - No Email for one day!!! but then I will have someone at home worring "why didn't I read from her today - something might have happened!" ;)

My blog will be the reporting tool for my progress, the transformation and the change that is happening within me.

Perfectly fitting to my new promises, the topic of yesterday's ahhh-mazing Workin'it Out event with gorgeous Patricia Moreno was how a change, replacement or avoidance of one or more habits will bring you closer to your desired goal. I AM ready for this change and I AM prepared for this challenge!

Let's do this!!! Keep you posted :)

p.s. I have been missing my smoothie blender sooo much that I bought one today :))) some delish and healthy recipes for smoothies and dips to be expected!

Dienstag, 11. September 2012

NY Fashion Week

The KickOff to the NY fashion week was last Thursday, the so called Fashion Night Out - shops stayed open until 9 or 10pm *happy-late-night-shopping* For the record: I did NOT buy anything that night (except for... well ;D) It was just amazing to watch what was happening on the streets and how the crowds were fighting to get the best and last deal of the special sample sales! In some small boutiques designers were presenting their brand new collections - wealthy looking visitors were welcomed with cupcakes, music and champagne! Watching and judging the goings was great entertainment ;)
Since last week one thing is defintely observable: People try to dress super fashionable, like crazy! I love free entertainment^^
And finally on Monday my friend Sarah and I went to watch a show of three NY designers (LAUNCH by Susan Young, Leota Collection and Kimberley Goldson) @ the fabulous rooftopbar at the empire hotel! Enjoy the impressions ;)

behind the scenes *glamouricious*
the location ;)

We had the perfect spot to watch the shooting for a reality TV show - hilarious, entertaining and very interesting to watch too :D

The winner - the most beautiful dress of the show!!! And the model knows German - so cute!

Proof, we were there ;)

My new accessory <3

Samstag, 8. September 2012

NYC, fun and crazy!

Hi my dear readers, today I will let you enjoy some captions from what has happened in the past weeks! Have fun :)

Still loving the rooftopview ;)

Even when a big ocean is between me and my loved ones, my mum arranges to get me beautiful flowers for my B-day :))) Thank you, Mommy! I <3 you!

Ok now lets get into the craziness of NYC ... a guy with a Luckybear backback! I wanted to ask him if I could have it :D

... interesting bike! btw, everyone was taking out their iPhones to take pictures of it ;)

... wise words! To be found at the Lower East Side!

... this is actually not in service - it belongs to a restaurant! Great marketing ;)

... Me @ Central Park ;)

NYC typical buildings with the firestairs!

Froyooo - you can find that on every corner! NYers are crazy about the supposedly healthy ice cream ;) and they go wild with the flavors - butter crust, chocolate cheesecake, velvet cake, peanut butter, ... the toppings (a looot of fruit) make it healthy again - that is at least what I tell myself all the time ;))

Good morning Americaaa! The last free concert of the summer stage was a big come back for the perfoming boy band! Who recognizes them???

We honoured childhood memories ;)

Insane fans were camping since early early at night... the concert started at 7am!!!!!!

Who is this? ;) That day this band had its first reunion concert since one of their singers left the band some years ago - funny story that I have to tell you: when i told my roommate that I'm going to see them perfom, she said "oh, I met one of them when I was living in L.A. We met while walking our dogs at the time and he told me about his plans to reorientate his career...." so funny!!! Enjoy the the video & be larger than life!!!

The Backstreet Boys were really great entertainers :) The fan masses leaving fully energized and happy from the concert ;) thank you Good Morning America!

someone has diligently collected CocaCola bottles^^

an impression from Midtown Manhattan, after a productive day @ work!

NFL Opening ceremony with NoDoubt performing :))

Ready for the Fashion Night Out in NYC - KickOff to the NY Fashion week!

in NYC you have to be creative to get famous, even if it is performing on top of a truck in the middle of the street at the LES! She was pretty good actually! What a great idea :)

Saturday/Sunday brunch = THAT is how NYers spend their weekends ;) I will go to one later too! Yay, I'm in NYC :)))

Can't get enough from these awesome rooftops ;)

again @ Summer Stage before the concerts start! This one I took at the One Republic concert!

Street performers and musicians exist in a great number in NYC, so lovely when they have a voice like this guy :) wonderful!
Open air movie nights all over the city!

Cool marketing campaigns in the subways ;)

AND finally, I proudly present my B-day present to myself ;) I love my new toy!

I wish you all a lovely weekend! I'll be back soon ;)
xoxo, Love <3