Samstag, 8. September 2012

NYC, fun and crazy!

Hi my dear readers, today I will let you enjoy some captions from what has happened in the past weeks! Have fun :)

Still loving the rooftopview ;)

Even when a big ocean is between me and my loved ones, my mum arranges to get me beautiful flowers for my B-day :))) Thank you, Mommy! I <3 you!

Ok now lets get into the craziness of NYC ... a guy with a Luckybear backback! I wanted to ask him if I could have it :D

... interesting bike! btw, everyone was taking out their iPhones to take pictures of it ;)

... wise words! To be found at the Lower East Side!

... this is actually not in service - it belongs to a restaurant! Great marketing ;)

... Me @ Central Park ;)

NYC typical buildings with the firestairs!

Froyooo - you can find that on every corner! NYers are crazy about the supposedly healthy ice cream ;) and they go wild with the flavors - butter crust, chocolate cheesecake, velvet cake, peanut butter, ... the toppings (a looot of fruit) make it healthy again - that is at least what I tell myself all the time ;))

Good morning Americaaa! The last free concert of the summer stage was a big come back for the perfoming boy band! Who recognizes them???

We honoured childhood memories ;)

Insane fans were camping since early early at night... the concert started at 7am!!!!!!

Who is this? ;) That day this band had its first reunion concert since one of their singers left the band some years ago - funny story that I have to tell you: when i told my roommate that I'm going to see them perfom, she said "oh, I met one of them when I was living in L.A. We met while walking our dogs at the time and he told me about his plans to reorientate his career...." so funny!!! Enjoy the the video & be larger than life!!!

The Backstreet Boys were really great entertainers :) The fan masses leaving fully energized and happy from the concert ;) thank you Good Morning America!

someone has diligently collected CocaCola bottles^^

an impression from Midtown Manhattan, after a productive day @ work!

NFL Opening ceremony with NoDoubt performing :))

Ready for the Fashion Night Out in NYC - KickOff to the NY Fashion week!

in NYC you have to be creative to get famous, even if it is performing on top of a truck in the middle of the street at the LES! She was pretty good actually! What a great idea :)

Saturday/Sunday brunch = THAT is how NYers spend their weekends ;) I will go to one later too! Yay, I'm in NYC :)))

Can't get enough from these awesome rooftops ;)

again @ Summer Stage before the concerts start! This one I took at the One Republic concert!

Street performers and musicians exist in a great number in NYC, so lovely when they have a voice like this guy :) wonderful!
Open air movie nights all over the city!

Cool marketing campaigns in the subways ;)

AND finally, I proudly present my B-day present to myself ;) I love my new toy!

I wish you all a lovely weekend! I'll be back soon ;)
xoxo, Love <3

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  1. Keep on the job as a photographer !!! Some of the pictures are really great !!