Freitag, 21. September 2012

Making promises and keeping them!

Do what you say you are going to do!!! Why is this important?

I'm going to loose weight - I will never be late again - I want to workout more - I want to eat more healthy - I will save money - and - so - on ...

Sounds familiar?! Anyone!? ;)

Well, I say "yes" it did to me! I could actually apply all of the above to my life. They were my permanent companions - for example, when I ate too much or too unhealthy I would workout more - but that did not lead to loosing weight the way I desired it to!
The words 'I am going to or I want to loose weight or eat more healthy or (you enter yours)' leave our mouths with ease. Maybe we are already making plans how to get there and then another well-known companion 'Mr. Excuse' might come my/your way. 
We are very clever, especially in finding excuses for everything - putting it off to a later time, because right now is simply not a good time! or we are too tired, old, young, fat, lazy, *you name it*
The key behind sticking to the promises that you've made for yourself or to others is ACCOUNTABILITY! 

Most of the time keeping promises, made to others are easier to keep, because you are the one to hold accountable for not sticking to it and it affects someone else too. But, if you make a promise to yourself, only you can hold yourself responsible for it - no one gets hurt if I don't do A or B. And we are also very good at covering up the promises we make to ourselves - 'if no one knows that I try to loose weight, nobody will know if I fail, but if I succeed - I will tell everybody' Sounds familiar!?!
Funny isn't it... And guess what, your soon-to-be-ditched friend Mr. Excuse shows up! You know how the loop goes ;)

The intenSati method teaches you how to be true about and to yourself - integrity and accountability are the keys - and how to create the right thoughts to pursue your goals! 
This months Warrior series is concerned with - tadaaa 'Making promises and keeping them' :)

Let me share my great learnings with you:
  1. Make a promise/ Set a goal (e.g. I will eat more healthy)
  2. Make it SMART: be very specific about what you want to achieve (e.g. I want to loose weight or become more active, that is why I will eat more heathly); make it measurable (e.g. I will eat 2 fresh fruits and 3 veggies each day - your 5 a day *ahaha*); stay realistic and make it achievable - you won't switch to a full alkaline diet from one day to another and set a timeframe (e.g. 1 or 2 months)
  3. Now the real FUN part: come up with consequences for not keeping your promises! I like the embarrassment consequences, such as making 3 random compliments to strangers the next day, or start singing the song you are listening to out-loud in public! Others are: wearing the same outfit the next day, wearing no make up, 100 push-ups, running an extra 5 miles, no chocolate, ... be creative!
  4. And share it!!! Tell it to your family and friends - you will have their support and you might be a motivation to them to join in on keeping a promise :)
Try it - it's a lot of fun and veeeery rewarding! Once you become clear, why and how you want to achieve something and you have come up consequences for not sticking to it - half the journey is done!

Thanks to intenSati and Laurie Gerber from the Handel Group for a very inspiring and motivating coaching session on this topic!

Good night, lovelies!

p.s. next time more on my challenge, the progress and experiences so far!

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