Montag, 17. September 2012

I AM in it to win it!!!

I workout whenever I can (approx. 4-5 times a week), I try to eat healthy (despite very small indulges in the gourmet temple called NYC^^) and yet I haven't regognized any major body transformation. I have lost some weight since I arrived (that for sure), but given my regular workout and rather healthy diet, I would expect a liiittle more, less actually ;) 
Well, I haven't been exercising according to a specific schedule, which makes tracking change and improving performance rather difficult. 
As I said, I workout whenever I can - as a fitness enthusiast I'm making a lot of time for regular physical exercise. But the usual loop goes like this - I go to the gym almost every day during the week and would only take a break when my body tells me to - by then energy levels are low and I feel my muscles being very tired. 
Pushing your body to its limits, excessive exercise and waiting for it to shout "STOP" - that is not how you become stronger and train your body in a healthy manner! 
Another thing, I said I try to eat healthy - well, set aside late evening dinners, cocktail happy hours and going out (mostly) on weekends, I'm following a grrreat diet ;) When I have the feeling that I consumed too many calories the day before, guess what... more intense exercise is on next day's schedule!

SO, juuust when I had the feeling I need to change something in my daily habits to get where I want to be, I received a message on Facebook from one of the intenSati leaders, Tiffany proposing a big challenge to all members of the Satilife community: A 90 DAYS EXERCISE AND HEALTH PROGRAM!!! What is in it for me to win it:
  1. I will commit to 90 days of exercising according to a planned schedule! (which I will change every 2 weeks in order to ensure the diversity in my training)
  2. I will commit to eating clean and healthy foods, like more veggies and fruits than other foods, whole grain, lean protein! 
  3. I will commit to drinking at least 2 liters of water a day!
  4. Amazing Tiffany as a coach and advisor!
And guess what, I am not the only one who takes the challenge - we are 30 people who are in this together! It all runs through a facebook group, where we post and encourage each other to stay in the game :)

A quote from Tiffany: "Accountability is KEY! Studies have shown (and in my own experience I have seen) that support from a peer group and family plays a significant role in reaching any of our personal and professional goals."

I couldn't agree more!

Official start is tomorrow - I AM excited!!!
My exercise plan for the next two weeks is all set - I go for a 4 split (Mo, Wed, Fri, Sun, ...)
Regarding healthy dieting: I will go veggie for the next 2 weeks! I will have one fruit/veg day each week for cleansing purposes! I will avoid alcohol, sweets and white flour!

In the intenSati practice the topic of the month is "keeping your word" or "making a promise and keeping it" - in one of the greatly inspiring community calls this week Laurie Gerber, life-coach, said that you will be more accountable for your promises if you add consequences for not keeping them to it...
Sooo my consequence iiis: If I will not stick to one of the promises I made, I must not be wearing ANY make up the next day ;) I was about to take the usual thing - No Email for one day!!! but then I will have someone at home worring "why didn't I read from her today - something might have happened!" ;)

My blog will be the reporting tool for my progress, the transformation and the change that is happening within me.

Perfectly fitting to my new promises, the topic of yesterday's ahhh-mazing Workin'it Out event with gorgeous Patricia Moreno was how a change, replacement or avoidance of one or more habits will bring you closer to your desired goal. I AM ready for this change and I AM prepared for this challenge!

Let's do this!!! Keep you posted :)

p.s. I have been missing my smoothie blender sooo much that I bought one today :))) some delish and healthy recipes for smoothies and dips to be expected!

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