Dienstag, 11. September 2012

NY Fashion Week

The KickOff to the NY fashion week was last Thursday, the so called Fashion Night Out - shops stayed open until 9 or 10pm *happy-late-night-shopping* For the record: I did NOT buy anything that night (except for... well ;D) It was just amazing to watch what was happening on the streets and how the crowds were fighting to get the best and last deal of the special sample sales! In some small boutiques designers were presenting their brand new collections - wealthy looking visitors were welcomed with cupcakes, music and champagne! Watching and judging the goings was great entertainment ;)
Since last week one thing is defintely observable: People try to dress super fashionable, like crazy! I love free entertainment^^
And finally on Monday my friend Sarah and I went to watch a show of three NY designers (LAUNCH by Susan Young, Leota Collection and Kimberley Goldson) @ the fabulous rooftopbar at the empire hotel! Enjoy the impressions ;)

behind the scenes *glamouricious*
the location ;)

We had the perfect spot to watch the shooting for a reality TV show - hilarious, entertaining and very interesting to watch too :D

The winner - the most beautiful dress of the show!!! And the model knows German - so cute!

Proof, we were there ;)

My new accessory <3

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