Samstag, 13. Oktober 2012

We are the powerful co-creators of our lives!

Every intenSati class begins with the same words and movements:
"Every day in a very true way I co-create my reality! As above, so is below - this is what I know!"

This is a powerful declaration, to become aware that we have the power to choose our thoughts, our attitude and our actions. The second part is the reminder that what we think in our mind ("as above"), we will become in our body and life ("so is below"). Our thoughts are the cause - either for what happens to our physical body or in our life!

Wow, what does that really mean?? And how can I apply that to my life?? Will I really really become aware and conscious about my thoughts only by saying those words and making those moves?? Thoughts come and go; they are influenced by my actions and the things happening around me... So how will I ever achieve to first of all become aware of my thoughts and how they influence my being and second how can I consciously choose them and choose happiness over fear and doubt?! It is said that human beings have 50,000 thoughts a day, Wow wow wow! That will become an interesting journey... - Those were my thoughts when I started the practice 3 months ago!

I am and have always been trying to identify negative thoughts or habits that I have during the day and once identified, I try my best to transform them into positive thoughts and actions. This starts with the words you choose to say - as you can read it on my Facebook page: Your word is your wand to create!
Words that we say to ourselves and others are affirmations too and they carry a lot of energy! If you choose positive and energizing words and language, your spirit (meaning your happiness and joy) will be uplifted and you will become the co-creator of your life! Words become reality - now, think about the effect negative words can have on your attitude, happiness, perception of  your situation and life...

At the beginning of this week I had my AHA moment: During my lunch break, I was sitting on the sunny terrace in Midtown Manhattan, enjoying my delish salad ;) and had the thoughts passing through my mind and for some reason I didn't feel joy and happiness and noticed that something was bothering me... First I was blaming it on the weather (it was actually too cold to sit outside), then I blamed it on the fact that it was only Tuesday, the weekend is so far away, blablabla... and then I "took a closer look" and discovered that I found myself in an old thinking pattern:  the old impatience paired with the old fear of the future, as I was future tripping with certain situations, surfaced again!!! As soon as I became aware of it, I started laughing and thought "Yes, gotcha - not with me!" - not only internally, no wonder people were looking at me *haha* but that certainly was my eye-opener and the moment I realized that you actually can be the witness of your thoughts and choose better ones whenever necessary!You are the co-creator of your reality!

I have been intensively engaging in daily spiritual practice since my first day in NYC - when I got all into it at the intenSati Work-out event! In the face of my sweat, tears and energy, I knew that this will be something great and it became something greater than imagined!
Daily meditation - never underestimate the power 5-10 silent minutes with yourself can have on the experience of your day, attitude, thoughts, sleep, actions, etc. It is truly ah-mazing!!! We all have jobs, university, relationships, deadlines, family and friends who need our attention and devotion - and we all do certain things with real passion and other things just have to done, but be honest where is the time for yourself (the most important person in your life, btw!!!) Where is it??? And that is why a spiritual practice is essential for our well being, our happiness and to make sure that our attention and dedication to the outside world is guided by our happy self and not our angry or fearful self!
For me it is meditation and reading spiritual literature (Yeah, you are right, I go to the self-help section at the bookstore and I happily admit to that!) - What is true for me does not have to be true for everyone... You might find your 5(min) A DAY in listening or dancing to your favorite song, or sitting still without doing anything else (OMG - imagine that, right ;)) or you go for a walk, do some morning yoga or go for a run! Try to find your something that nurtures your body and mind and brings a smile on your face every time you do it! GO FOR IT!!!
You will eventually find your way to meditation and fall in love with it, just like I have :) 
To put it in a nutshell... Meditating helps you to become aware of yourself and the thoughts and beliefs that you CHOOSE to hold. Daily meditation also guides you to living a happy and joyful life - and now be honest WHO DOESN'T WANT TO BE HAPPY!?!? ;)

Thank you! 
Love, xoxo

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