Samstag, 20. Oktober 2012

My first intenSati class!

Yesss, I taught my first intenSati class :) it felt sooo good! I am still on this vibe teaching this class gave me! Sure, I was very nervous at the beginning, but the fact that I had one student, who is my dear friend too, took off a lot of pressure about getting the music and cueing right... I still need practice but, IF IT DOESN'T CHALLENGE YOU IT DOESN'T CHANGE YOU ;)

I was so psyched about teaching yesterday and I want to share my intro with you (almost as if you were there too ;D):

Hi dear warriors,
My name is Alexandra, i am from Austria and I am so grateful to be here today with you :)

How are you feeling? Energy level???

This is intenSati - it is made up of the words intention and Sati, which is the Sanskrit word for mindfulness.
IntenSati is the practice of combines powerful affirmations with intense exercise that make you feel and embody those affirmations.
My Personal connection - First read about the practice in German fitness magazine & first day in NYC 25th of July: where it all started @ the Workin' it out event! I knew I had to become an intenSati leader!
I am so happy to be standing here today... This is my first class and I'm nervous ;) 
Today's series is called the Warrior series and I love this series... There are so many powerful affirmations in there! And for today I picked the very first one, which is YES I AM COMMITTED TO LIVE A LIFE I LOVE (repeat) And for me this is such a powerful and strong affirmation, especially because I became clear about something in my life the other day, which caused me to shift my mindset towards many aspects of my life immediately... and that was that I tend to settle with OK states - that might be having an having an OK job, OK love life, following an OK diet, earning OK money, etc. 
How will I ever be able to truthfully life the life I love if I settle with OK!?!?!?! 
We all have visions of our dream job, home, love etc in mind, which we will block by settling with OK! Can you relate to that a little bit?! 
We have to be true to ourselves and others and allow ourselves to be unapologetic about what we really want! Honesty, clarity and having the right attitude are the key ingredients! Having faith in your miracle to come true is also essential - it might not come at your desired schedule but it will come!!! Have faith!
So tonight I want to call your unapologetic dreams and desires *MIRACLES* into your life!

Sit up nice and tall (close your eyes) and think of one area in your life where you settle with ok and now imagine that this area becomes uplifted, gets a little push (whatever that might be) into the direction of the desired state! 
And when you are ready come up into standing in ready pose and keep that image of your dream in the forefront of your mind!!

Yay, that was the prepped intro for the class :) It was AWESOME! 
I am looking forward to have more Warriors join me on my weekly journey of teaching, having fun, being happy and training to be the change!
Warrior power :)
Next class, tba ;)
Love love love, xoxo

p.s. Today is the Spirit Junkie Sati event with Patricia Moreno and Gabrielle Bernstein - two powerful women, who inspire me a lot! Stay tuned for that in my next post...

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