Dienstag, 30. Oktober 2012

Thoughts and reflection in difficult times!

I am up since 7am, watching the news and getting as much updates on what is going on around the city! Sandy hit hard! No public transport since Sunday 7pm, train stations and streets are flooded, half of the city is without electricity and heating, ... I do not even want to get started on the devastating damage Sandy caused in the very South of NYC and New Jersey *terrible* 
The preparation started on Sunday already - I was having a wonderful brunch on the East side with one of my dear friends and as I was making my way up to my apartment, the thought of "oh, grocery shopping might be a good idea" crossed my mind ;) I was passing by people lining up in front of stores and still I wasn't feeling any pressure of moving faster to get into a super market - obviously the lines were in front of super markets to get prepared with water, food and other supplies for the upcoming and uncertain days...
Well, I spent about 1 1/2 hours in the super-market and I wasn't even sure what I was really preparing for - We don't have hurricanes in Europe!!! Fortunately everyone in the store was very calm and I could not sense any feeling of impatience as people were lining up through the aisles! Here is my survival cart ;) Got my veggies, water and coockies^^

So, I'm watching the news today, which I couldn't do for longer than 5 minutes yesterday!!! I felt really nervous about what is about to happen to a city that is with its surroundings inhabiting more than 20 Million people! This uncertainty was such a weird and insecure feeling... Obviously most stores and business were closed, so everyone was hiding out at home waiting for the storm to hit!
I couldn't be more grateful for my housing situation! (apart from the big old tree that we feared could fall on one of the surrounding buildings ;) but it didn't *yaaay*) and we taped the windows... just in case ;) 
Up here on the Upper East Side not much damage has happened - this morning I went outside and apart from small trees on Park ave everything seemed pretty calm! Totally different situation in the south of Manhattan, the other boroughs and New Jersey! If you follow the news you see the devastating outcomes of this hurricane! Being that close to a natural disaster like that, makes me aware and conscious about the necessity of being grateful everyday for waking up WELL AND SAFE!!! 
I'm sending prayers and love to every person out there who is affected to much worse degrees! May they have the strength and faith to move on in this terrible situation of loosing their homes, cars or of facing other major difficulties the storm might have caused!

I was watching Oprah's 'Life Lesson' on Sunday night! It was an inspiring show on the power of the words I AM with Joel Osteen. "What follows the words I AM will come look for you!!!" Oprah emphasized on the importance and power of gratitude in that connection as well - Saying the simple words THANK YOU, DANKE, MERCI, GRACIAS, Cпаcибо, GRAZIE, ευχαριστώ, ... in the morning before getting out of bed will make you aware that you can be grateful for just waking up in a healthy and strong body, a safe room and that there is a new day ahead of you! I believe that having such an awareness helps in dark hours as these were last night and still are for many people close to where I am right now!
Oh, I am getting spiritual again ;) but the truth is that this is all interconnected and even if we are not out there helping to cleanup, we can at least take care of having positive and faithful thoughts towards ourselves and others!

May everyone be safe in the aftermath of the storm! I hope that all of you are well and receive the help needed in case of emergency!

I AM so incredibly grateful for my family, all my friends and friends of friends who contacted me or contacted each other to find out if I and NYC are alright :) YOU ARE amazing - Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
I love you and I miss you!

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