Montag, 22. Oktober 2012

Spirit Junkie Sati = RoCkStAr-Awesomeness

Yesterday morning two powerful, beautiful and inspiring practices merged! 
intenSati and Spirit Junkie are both spiritual practices that have a common goal: to pursue happiness and strengthen our believe in miracles, by eliminating fear and doubts (the EGO) from our mindset and attitude!
For me personally this combo is magical - I am practicing intenSati joyfully and extensively (as you know^^) and I am reading and fell in love with Gabrielle Bernstein's book 'Spirit Junkie'! 
Spirit Junkie is telling Gabby's story and journey of how she became a miracle worker and spirit junkie and in her book, Gabby introduces the reader to very accessible ways to arrive at this desired, miraculous state of happiness and joy!
So, Patricia Moreno and Gabrielle Bernstein teamed up to host a Workin' it out event, combining both methods and bringing together communities, which left all participants to be inspired, sweaty, happy, smiling, transformed and grateful!
In today's post, I will let the pictures speak for themselves and let you become inspired by Gabby, explaining the affirmations of the intenSati workout!

The Power-Duo: Patricia and Gabby <3

Hildie and I *yay* <3

Tamara and I <3

Team Celebrate SatiSistas :) xoxo

Gabby is ready for the gospel and workout!
Warming Up & having fuuun :)
Gabby and I *yay* :)

Patricia and I <3

Gabby Gospel - We need more light-workers! Accepting and shifting from body identification to spirit identification! When you express your truth, you are a teacher!!! 

Egoeradicator *amazing* #Kundaliniyoga

Thanks for making this miracle happen :)

Let's get sweatin' :D

Today is the day I embrace change
I choose to love myself again
My mind is free from false beliefs

I’m willing to see the truth about me
I’m letting go of fear I release all doubt
I’m a messenger of love I kick the ego out
I’m guided by love I’m full of gratitude
I’m loving my body and my new attitude
Thank you both! It was ah-mazing! *big-smile*

Photo sources: my phone, Gabrielle's & Patricia's social media channels (Twitter, Facebook)

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