Sonntag, 7. Oktober 2012

The truth is energizing!

About 3 weeks ago I started this 90 day challenge for a healthier self - I called it "healthy-ever-after" ;)
My initial plan was to commit to very very healthy eating, working out and getting enough sleep! Meaning: NO sugar, NO alcohol, NO white flour, NO meat, one fruit and veggie day per week and 2-3 liters of water per day!
Here is a little piece of myself that I am going to reveal to you... I get excited about certain things veeery easily and once I have set a specific goal, that gives me well enough reason(s) to hold on to, I simply go for it - no matter what! BUT, (most of the time) I do not consider the strings attached to that action or plan upfront - the energy-killers appear soon enough!
So, I expected to be full of energy every day and be comfortable in my body, by eating all healthy and conscious! 
What really happened:
I sticked to my well-created and supervised plans, for eating and working out and felt good - not as unstoppable as expected but I decided to stay patient! I haven't had any cravings or major drawbacks for the first 2 weeks. I cooked nice veggie dinners every night and had my lunches prepared for the next day!
This equation had one vivid error - I traded my social life for being fully committed to my rules of the challenge!!! I stopped going and eating out, which I loved so much during my first month being in NYC! 

At intenSati leader training we were discussing the topic of integrity - of being in full alignment with yourself, with your body and mind! You can only be completely happy and living the life you love, if you are being true and honest with yourself and others. Every thought that we choose to think determines our integrity! Every word we say determines our integrity!

I was miserable this week! I was unable to understand why I was in such a bad mood, after such an incredibly empowering weekend at leader training... And then it hit me: I lost my inner completeness over the past 3 weeks, by chastening myself. The truth is, I have already been living a conscious and healthy life-style before I committed to the challenge - I felt comfortable with my body and self, but I needed a challenge! Being on this NO diet decreased my energy levels, my happiness and joy for the moment. I actually created a discomfort with my body from nowhere, because it was not there before! Of course, i lost weight and my body refined, but I was not enjoying the process of how to get there!

From the moment I discovered that truth and decided to commit to the life I love, my mood and body perception changed instantly!

I will definitely hang in the challenge, but I modified it - I call it "Yay-to-life"
I choose to make the right food choices and I know that my mind knows what is right for my mind and body at that time. I get to embrace and enjoy my Semester abroad in NYC without having a bad conscious about anything I do, eat and drink! A lot of workout included (and that is anyways one of the easiest things to truly commit to as I am a sports fanatic)

This is happy cocktail in the "Yay-to-life" to-do list ;) perfect ingredients for succeeding in this challenge!
And so it is!


  1. Good Choice Xandi, very good choice ;) ... not having the time to go out for a dinner once in a while or enjoy a glass of wine and some socialising in NY after a long day at work just doesn't seem right! Still, you got to tell me all your experiences upon my arrival! Cheers, Martin

  2. Realizing that some of our "goals" simply aren't worth it, is part of our life. Trading social life and fun for chastening yourself to reach some weight-loss is definitely the wrong way. Social life and fun with friends does not depend on the amount of beer and cocktails, and fun happens even outside of Pizzahut or Mcdonalds in places where you get some "good" food. So have fun in the city that never sleeps and watch the amount of your drinks .....