Freitag, 3. August 2012

The pace of change!

NYC lives up to its image as city that never sleeps, which also applies to me up until now - everything moves so fast and eventhough it can takes ages to get from one place to the other especially when subways are crowded and you are suffering from this incredible heat (apparently we will have an indian summer - look forward to that^^) - a friend of mine said a couple of days ago that the time seems to move faster in NYC than anywhere else in the world! I will let you know about my perception of it, but I assume it won't take long until I will agree to that ;)
When I came to New York 9 days ago with my sister and my mom, we started to experience the city and to enjoy its amazing sights and attractions to the fullest! I hope you enjoy looking at some selected photos and have fun imagining what my past few days have been like...

Before starting off with the photos, I have to tell you about the most amazing KickOff experience that I had on my very first day: Prior to my arrival in NYC I signed up for a fitness event from Patricia Moreno "Workin'it out" - from the previously introduced lifestyle and fitness program intenSati! 
The first 2 hours in NYC couldn't have been better :) this special workout, which I have never tried before, promised a lot and exceeded my expectations - it was phenomenal, energizing, empowering, inspiring, motivating, ...........! I am really looking forward to taking some more classes this weekend :)))

Now, lets get started with a collection of my first impressions:

Foggy Day in NYC - wondering how high this building is?! ;)

Stunning boat cruise...
...north of Manhattan... tiny Lego elements^^...

...the only connection beween Manhattan and Roosevelt Island...

...Financial Dirstrict!

Where is Chuck Bass???

Open-air movie @ Beautiful Bryant Park <3

Rockefeller Center

Hello, Manhattan! (from Top of the Rocks!)

Yeees, I was there ;)

and there too ;)
I felt like watching a movie - a happy couple watching the stunning view over NYC and then he pulls out the ring... (you know the rest^^) Super romantic moment & same as in the movies :))) <3 A proposal on the top of Rockefeller Center, can it be more cheesy and romantic!?!

@ Central Park

Pain quotidien in NYC - I like! a lot! ;)

I will be back with some more impressions soon :) take care, xoxo


  1. CHUCK BASS!!!!!!! *mmmmh*
    Ahahah, besides finding him,it seems like you'll have tons of fun & things to do!!! It seems so awesoooome! Enjoyyyy! :p

  2. If you can make it there, you can make it everywhere ....

  3. Coole Fotos :) Spar dir aber noch ein paar Sights auf damit wir mal gemeinsam auf Entdeckungsreise gehen können sobald ich im Oktober dazukomme :D