Montag, 1. Oktober 2012

I AM an intenSati Leader NOW!


10 powerful words! 10 powerful movements! 1000000 powerful thoughts! 1000000 powerful emotions!

The very long awaited weekend was finally there - intenSati leader training *yaaay* I knew I am about to take a new step to guide my career path into a desired direction! I did my homework: memorize the affirmations, have the 8 count of the music, know the moves and their names (see above^^), meditate (that was my extra) and be curious about the experience.

All set - on my way to Midtown on Saturday morning, making my way through the EMPTY streets of NYC I felt super nervous and excited at the same time.
I always had these lines and words from other inspiring intenSati leaders in my head, of how great and life-changing this training was for them. I couldn't agree more!!!
My fellow and amazing soon-to-be-leaders and I enjoyed great workouts and coaching from Patricia, Betsy and Tiffany to prepare us for the journey of being able to train the change!
Two full days of intensive body workout, precious hours of training the mind and beginning to cause a conscious shift in my mind towards what I need to be successful in the things that I am passionate about!
  1. Practice, practice, practice
  2. Do not listen to what fear tells me to do
  3. Be present and honest with myself
  4. Keeping my promises
This weekend was an amazing experience - I needed a while to process all the emotions and feelings. I am so grateful for all the inspiring personalities I have met and for what I have been able to learn from all of them! Thank you!

Here are some links to videos taken at leader training:
What have you done today to make you feel proud?
Every day in a very true way, I co-create my reality!
What I desire is on its way...

Yes, I AM committed to live a life I love - I want it, I want it, I really really want it - I AM strong, now - I believe I will succeed - I AM ready for a change - I AM willing to change - I AM able to change - I AM playing full out, without any doubt - I appreciate this day - I AM the change! (Warrior series)
Team CELEBRATE now ready to be the change!
Are you committed to living a live you love? ...

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