Dienstag, 18. September 2012

JoyPressions goes Facebook

On the KickOff day to my 30-day 'healthy-ever-after' challenge, I took some time to engage in and finish something that brings joy and fun to my evening after a day at work and excercising at the gym - I created my first and very own facebook page :)
As I am reading a lot about health, sports and spirituality on blogs, in books and magazines, I decided that I want to share that with all of you!
What I will post...
  • health tips (in the form of links or statements)
  • workout articles
  • TED videos
  • the "book of the month" (that I have been enjoying and absorbing before posting it - so it is a recommendation from the heart)
  • about my current project, my progress and new insights in nutrition and excercise along the way
  • quotes and affirmations that enlighten the day
So I would be very happy and grateful if you like it ;)

Thank you & good night!
Love, xoxo

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