Montag, 4. Juni 2012

JADE May Meeting

Besides studying and all I am also a member of the Junior Enterprise StuCon - which is a platform for students to realize their own entrepreneurial ideas and to gain relevant work experience in consulting projects with regional, national as well as international clients. Another major benefit of the membership is the umbrella organization JADE behind it - it is an international network of Junior Enterprises that unites about 20.000 students all over Europe and Brasil! 4 international Meetings are organized each year - and I had the pleasure with 5 colleagues and friends to be part of the 2nd meeting of this year, the JADE May Meeting in Vienna. The organizer uniforce did a great job - great workshops, awesome parties and brilliant location :)
The next meeting will be the Summer JADE Meeting in Romania (on the beach^^) - and I will not this chance slip ;) see you there!!!

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