Freitag, 8. Juni 2012

Viereck's tablet ordering restaurant in Vienna

Viereck - is a restaurant, where guests order their food and drinks through tablet pcs! A system that is very common in Germany for example, but just entered the Austrian market 2 months ago. 4 young entrepreneurs brought this idea to the first district in Vienna - I have attended the JADE conference on entrepreneurship and change, where two of the founders told their story! Being a curious person, I knew that I will have to try this out sometime - better sooner than later ;) My friend Lucy and I decided to go there and try without reserving a table - we where really impressed by the nice and friendly welcoming and the table they offered us. The atmosphere in the restaurant is super relaxed!
So we received our (very different, but genious) menus and the waiter explained us the procedure - that we should order each meal at a time, caus' as soon as you order something it will be send to the kitchen for preps. When we started to look through the menu we were really thrilled by the visual support of each dish and drink - the pictures on the menu also matched the reality :)))
The portions are quite small, therefore the prices for each meal are not really high AND you can taste different dishes during one visit!

Summing up: We loved it :)))

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