Montag, 25. Juni 2012

I don't mind the heat...

... is what I would like to say and just go for a run at high temperatures!
I am a passionate runner, especially in spring and autumn but in summer it always requires a lot of endurance and stamina to enjoy a run in the heat.

On Well+Good NYC I read an article about the main reasons for the difference in performance during the hot season and how you can train to be more "resistant" against the warm weather. Here is a short summary of the findings:
  1. Anatomical and physiological reasons - the article brings a person's body fat and height in connection with the stamina against heat!
    Lets examine the body height as major factor: "The more you have, the better you’ll be able to dissipate heat through your skin. Evolution takes this into account. “Alaskan Eskimos are generally vertically-challenged and wide-framed (to conserve heat), whereas Egyptians are tall and lanky (to help dissipate heat),” So, being short will hurt you here, as will having a higher body fat percentage." (source)
  2. Gender plays a role - men have bigger pores, which assist them in better coping with heat than women!
  3. Personal fitness and cardio level matters
  4. Drink lots of water & place a frozen towel on the back of your neck
  5. Start training in normal temperatures and then take the challenge of the heat!
Read more on Well+Good NYC!

I hope I will soon be able to say "I don't mind the heat!" again ;-)

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