Freitag, 16. November 2012

Feeling overwhelmed by your own plans?

The answer is simple: Appreciate the baby steps! 
Thank you my dear readers, this was the post for today - just kidding, but it is as simple as that...

Most of us have a plan for our life - we all thrive to achieve really great things, whether we are aware of it or not! One important thing to mention here is that the perception of great is different to each individual - some project their plan on career, others on family or personal development. Some of us have good patience to get to their desired state and others (like me) can't wait to get it all at once.
I'll admit to something here, my big ideas have changed over the years and have radically changed since I moved to NYC. The 'transformation' began on the day of arrival, when I took my first intenSati class - life has never been the same for me... Those who have been following this blog (You guys are awesome!) have witnessed my shift, which does not mean that I have become more patient with craving to get what I want ;) 
I have been developing big ideas of how I would imagine my career to be like as a coach and trainer *yay* and I created this plan aka how-can-I-get-there-as-quickly-as-possible! Unknowingly I have overloaded my mind with all those plans that I started to compare my efforts to the efforts of others and that I felt I had to do everything I could to get there as quickly as possible and to become greater. I researched the various classes and courses I could start, like right NOW and finish them preferably tomorrow. 
Even though I have been thriving and following my dream, I felt more disconnected to it than ever!!!
Only this week during a coaching call I was introduced to a great concept that has become my new mantra: 
  • You are holding your vision >
  • The feeling that is created within you is JOY, PASSION and HAPPINESS >
  • Passion makes you take the first step, which leads to success >
  • Then you have your vision in mind again >
  • The feeling of joy and passion lead you to take the next step to get closer to the vision... >
It is like the most 'vicious' as in radically awesome cycle ever!!! 
The baby steps will always get you closer to achieving your goal and as soon as you start appreciating the baby steps, the whole journey becomes a joyous adventure for you. Moreover, by maintaining an overview of how you actually got from your beginning to your big YAY, you will have more moments of pride for yourself, which will fuel your creativity to make your YAY even more amazing!

For me personally this information helped me a lot to connect to my desire again and to see the next steps clearly (one of them definitely is to write this blog and to share my learnings with you :))

If you have similar experiences or if this was helpful for you... OR if you have tried the 'most awesome vicious-as-in-radically-awesome cycle'... I would love to read about all of it in the comments below :)

One motivating thing to remember is: FOLLOWING YOUR DREAM(S) SHOULD BE FUN AND JOYFUL! (not exclusively but a great deal of times!)

Thank you all! 

p.s. The song for this post is Jordin Spark's 'One step at a time'  :)

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  1. Even babies can reach for the stars. With the baby steps it may take a little longer, but you can enjoy the efforts and the creative struggling for fun and success a little longer.