Mittwoch, 28. November 2012

You get to choose...

Hello my dear readers,
hope you are well and enjoying the final weeks of 2012 :)
Here in NYC it got really cold and now that Christmas time is almost here, the city turned into a sparkling and glittery star - trees are covered in mini-light bulbs and Christmas decoration is placed all over the city! Tomorrow is THE day - the big Christmas tree will be lighted up - don't worry, if you can't be there, I will feed you with some nice pics :)
I'm sure it will be suuuper crowded tomorrow... so, I'm prepared for showing up with some good temper and patience. It is all about keeping your inner calmness in busy and stressful situations - my patience will be put to the test ;)
I have developed a pretty strong brain muscle to not let crowded places or cranky people get into my happy mood *happy-thoughts and smile* - But what do you do when something really stressful or bad happens? 
Unfortunately, we do not have influence on the things that happen around us - be it in your job, relationships, family, ...! Of course, we can act on the best of our ability to be a good human being, but certain things we cannot control - and often times 'just' thinking good thoughts won't help to improve your situation - and I'm talking about your own state of mind. 
Certainly, thinking positively does not prevent you from feeling pain (being left by your boyfriend or girlfriend, getting laid off, beating yourself up because you ate the whole box of cookies, *fill-in-the-blank*), but it is on YOU to choose what you will make out of this situation... will you go into the deep suffering state - sure every feeling and emotion needs attention and being with the pain for a while is more than okay, BUT what are you going to do next? Hide out and wait for better times OR take action!? 
Taking action means that you are stepping into your power to be the co-creator of your life. This can simply be that you say 'ok, this thing happened to me, NOW... What did I learn from it? Or how will I take the chance to grow and move on?'
The cool thing is you get to choose to be happy or miserable...
Take every breakdown as an opportunity to grow! Take every breakdown as an opportunity to rewire and recalibrate your energy! See every breakdown as the start of something new, and new is exciting because it means change!

This way you can be sure that you will have access to your full potential to fulfill your dreams and be HAPPY again :-)

Every breakdown is followed by a breakthrough! Trust in that!


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