Samstag, 8. Dezember 2012

Do you see the miracles happening in your life?

Miracles are natural. When they do not occur something has gone wrong.
This is one of the principles of miracles in a meta-physical text, called A Course in Miracles, which has been repeatedly present in my mind lately. Feeling poised and ready for this, I officially started studying the course. It is a complete self study spiritual thought system that is laid out in three volumes - I began with studying the lessons yesterday (there are 365!)... One day at a time ;-)
But back to the daily miracles that are happening right in front of you... Are you familiar with synchronicity? I looove it! 
Have you ever thought of someone and the person texted, emailed or called you all of a sudden?! 
Or have you ever read a book, article or watched something and the information in there was the topic of your next conversation with others (not initiated by yourself, of course^^)!? 
Have you ever envisioned a situation, a desire, a wish, a feeling (fill-in YOUR blank) and all of a sudden you are living it!?
If you can answer all, some or at least one of the above (rhetorical) questions with YES - Congratulations, you have been experiencing miracles :-) YaY!!!
Do not freak out if you think that this has never happened to you, because it is simply not true! You were probably too busy or focused on other things to consciously realize it and now you are unable to remember it... Don't worry, your miracles are always there, you have to simply be open and curious to watch them occur.
What I want to emphasize on in today's post is really to make you aware of how much fun it is to see and honor the miracles happening in your life! 
The small miracles count too! When you experience this synchronicity of attracting people, conversations, events etc. into your life you immediately get a vibe of 'yeah, I AM powerful!'
A little story about one of my miracles this week... I had the intention to buy scented joss sticks this weekend, in order to create a nice atmosphere when I write my next blog post - so here I AM :)
And my dear dear friend Lucy (I love you and I miss you!) has sent me a gift box, which I picked up Thursday night...

... I was brought to tears of joy and gratitude by the sweet packaging and when I opened the parcel, guess what I found in there, besides some great heartfelt gifts: scented joss sticks of various forms :-))) sooo amazing! I really planned on buying them, now I don't have to and I am marinating in this feeling of 'wow, our energy is so strongly connected even if an ocean is between us' ... very emotional, I know but the point that I want to make here is that if you begin to see, honor and acknowledge all these synchronistic things (I call them miracles) happening in your life, you get more conscious about what you are creating - the good and the bad - and it is fun to say 'ha, look what I created there'! Plus, you become more mindful about what is happening around you! 
Life is not happening TO you it is happening THROUGH YOU!!!
With this I will leave off and wish you a wonderful weekend, lots of fun, love and miracles :-)

p.s. I know, I promised pics of the Christmas tree lighting... unfortunately there was no way getting close to the tree, too many people (even 3 hours before the show started!!!) - So we watched the miracle in a bar on TV ;-) xoxo

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