Samstag, 7. Juli 2012

Indulgence & Summer shape!

The long awaited summer holiday season has finally arrived :) 
Vacations on the beach, lake or elsewhere in the world have been (most of the time) booked well in advance and everyone is looking forward to get some time off from work, school, uni etc.
Best time to share special moments with your loved ones!
Many have been training and keeping a healthy diet to be in good shape for the hottest time of the year ... But what happens once you are on holiday? Think of the huge breakfast buffets, the nice 4-courses dinner, the delish cocktails, wine, beer a.s.o!!! - Will you forget about all resolutions and good intentions you deliberately followed for months, and for which your body was so grateful for?!??

Staying healthy and fit on the go can be a challenge, but with a little bit of planning it is completely doable and fun :)
  1. The by far easiest way to remain in the shape of arrival, is by using the in-house gym of the hotel (if they have one) Just 30-45 minutes a day are more than sufficient to keep yourself fit!
  2. Try to not change eating manners drastically to what you are used to at home - sure you want to enjoy yourself during the holiday, but everything with measure and goal ;)
  3. A holiday on the beach is best suited for getting your cardio through a long swim in the ocean or a run on the beach (best in the early morning, due to the heat & the crowds arriving forenoon^^)
  4. Think of the great feeling and the endorphines a workout, a run or a nice swim provided to your body and mind when you were training at home - why should it be any different in another place on the globe?!?!
It is important that you can also indulge in something - give yourself a treat! And ENJOY it to the fullest :))) like this delish frozen yoghurt here^^

Have a happy & healthy vacation and summer :)

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