Sonntag, 22. Juli 2012

Learning is FUN @ SJM12 in Romania

Since Thursday morning I enjoy the last days before the big NY adventure in Mamaia, Romania with 120 Junior Entreprenuers :) - it is another very inspiring international conference happening from the JADE network! With 4 colleagues from the Junior Enterprise, we were travelling to this very promising conference on "Intrapreneurship"!
The first day started with very informative and interesting speeches from experts from the field - the official part of the first day was completed with a panel discussion on the topic!
Opening ceremony!

All participants enjoyed networking at the first night's beach party - but (almost) everyone kept in mind that we have had a packed program of workshops ahead the following days ;)

Incredible sunset on the way to dinner :)
Next morning started with a nice breakfast on the hotel's terasse
the beach :) (in front of the hotel!!!)
StuCons elaborating on intrapreneurship ;)

Taking a break from the workshops, to process the things heard and to get some clarity about the learnings - before clarity, there is confusion! ;)

 Awesome parties in Mamaia, Romania!

Each participant had to choose 3 workshops for Saturday - I was lucky to attend very inspiring ones, which not only were rich in content but also got me thinking!
Major learnings:
  1. If you want to change something, ask first 'What do I want (instead)' and not 'How can I change it' caus' this is the latter step in overcoming barriers to change
  2. Imagine your desired outcome in order to find the right way to get there (it will come, for sure!) - outcome states motivate people!
  3. Imagine the future to define the present!
  4. Be open for changing your ideas, to maybe achieve a better outcome and gain more support from others! Don't think of tools - think about your attitude!
  5. What drives people: Status, Access, Power & Stuff
  6. Rules have to be: Understandable, Memorable & Emotional
Added to my reading list:
  • "The art of non conformity"
  • The Pomodoro Principle
  • The Lean startup
Thanks to Luca Sartoni & Radu Seuche for making this Saturday a fun and inspiring learning experience!

Summer JADE Meeting 2012 was incredibly awesome - best preparation for my internship in NY ;)
Big thanks to JADE Romania, JADE, and all the organizers of this amazing conference! Cu @ SJM13 in Milan!

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