Mittwoch, 20. Februar 2013

6 a.m. in NYC ;-)

I didn't think I could (would) do this...
In about 12 hours I will be up in the air - leaving NYC to go back home to Austria (returning time indefinite!)...
It is 6am and I'm wide awake, reflecting on my NY-moments and writing the last blog post in my beloved city...
Was it hard? Yes! Did I feel lonely and missing my dear ones in Austria at times? Yes! Did I have fun? YES! Did I enjoy it? To the fullest! Did I learn a lot? YESYESYES! Do I have a hard time leaving NYC? Oh, yeah! Am I excited to go home? Hell, yeah!

My NYC adventure started with going to an intenSati workout for the very first time on my very first day (actually the day I arrived in NYC) - having already signed up for leader training, to become an instructor. Kind of crazy, when you think that while being in Austria, I have decided to become an instructor for a workout that I haven't even tried yet - that was pure intuition that I followed and excitement for a workout that strengthens the mind-body-spirit connection!
God, was I blown away by what I intuitively signed up for - this was beyond what I could have imagined it to be. So much fun, joy, sweat, tears, love, faith, empowerment and oneness in one practice that has become my companion throughout the past 7 months!
My gut and intuition were right... and they most of the time are. But you have to dare and trust to make the intuition thing work. Dare to dream and go for your dreams - don't hold back, when your gut keeps telling you DO IT, you may consider your option to DREAM!

What will come with it is faith, trust and action - essential ingredients to make things work! The truth is that we always have a choice... to be faithful or hopeless... to trust or to doubt (a decision, ourselves, others)... to take action or to cocoon in self-pity and the belief of 'it is so hard'!!!

You might think 'right, this chick has lived in NYC for a few months and now she thinks she is Ms. Know-it-all' (your choice, hehe) - I'm not saying this is easy... there are days filled with faith, trust in the process and power *yay* and there are days where things go 'wrong', but once you catch yourself and CHOOSE to trust the process again, meaning that 'this is a lesson I need to learn in order to follow through and pursue my dream' - THAT is where the magic happens!!! This is the miracle!

Last weekend (Feb, 16&17) I got the unique chance to be at the Hay House 'I can do it IGNITE' conference, where Dr. Wayne Dyer told the story about an orange:
What happens when you squeeze an orange? - Sure, orange juice comes out, because that's what is inside!
What happens if someone pressures or squeezes you? Is it anger, defense, fear, doubt OR compassion, love, faith, strength, ...
What comes out of you is what is inside! The neat thing is, you can choose what is inside!

Gabby Bernstein also said it right: Real change happens when you allow yourself to see your crap. You will be given a tremendous amount of assignments - which represent the greatest opportunity to change and rise!

Always ask: 'What can I learn from this?'

Looking back, I was not always asking this question in difficult situations, but I can definitely say that I learned from all of them. It is all about awareness and consciousness about that we have a choice!

I AM deeply grateful and moved by all the beautiful people that I have had the pleasure of meeting and calling my friends - I hope to see you all soon, back in NYC or elsewhere in the world!
I can't wait to see my family and friends again after all these months *sooo excited*
Life is a gift and I love it ;-)

I will 'see' you all soon here, on Facebook, in person, Skype, etc.
Lots of love and have an amazing day!
Xoxo (last time from NYC)

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