Samstag, 9. Februar 2013

The change-formula

Change is easy.

What is she saying there??? Yeah, sure...!?
Is that what you're thinking right now - I understand, but I still stand behind this statement 100% and let me tell you why:

I am someone who seeks and embraces change (be it consciously or unconsciously). I need variety and spice in my life to feel fulfilled, but it does not always mean that these times are easy. 
Discovering that you are unhappy or not fulfilled in a certain area in your life is painful. There might be times when you manage to suppress and deny the discomfort but sooner or later it affects your everyday life. In my case it is definitely sooner than later ;-)

What to do in such a situation??? Hm??
And there it is... CHANGE!

The reason why we think change is hard is because we associate the whole process of being uncomfortable and unhappy for weeks/months/years until we reach a certain point, where we say 'No more!' with it. However, the actual change is a simple decision to do, feel, speak or act differently with the goal to be happier than before - sounds great, right.

Here is what we need to make it happen:

1) Willingness: we can wish, want or desire something but if we don't bring up the willingness within us to put the stake in the ground for what we want to be happy, we will miss the chance to live fulfilled and with integrity. To be willing to change is to show up for yourself - and honestly, what is more powerful than that!?!!

2) Strong enough reasons: in order to be able to change we need compelling and strong reasons - we have to create leverage why we want to take this step. Start with WHY!!! Why, do you want to improve your health? Do you want to look more fit or sexy? Do you want to have that promotion or job? You have got to want it REALLY BAD!!! Commitment and focus are key - what you focus on you become!!!

3) Action plan (I call it passion-plan^^): What are the steps that will get you there? When we start to break our goals down, two powerful things happen: 1. we appreciate the baby-steps, which allows more successes on the way and 2. we allow more space to really enjoy the process, because LIFE IS ABOUT PROGRESS AND NOT PERFECTION!

With that in mind, change becomes effortless and fun instead of scary and unpleasant. Sure, the real outcome is uncertain, but what if we make shift the negative suspension to the excitement for a surprise... we all love surprises don't we ;-)

"There's something inside every human being that will make it click...that today is not like yesterday, and tomorrow will be different forever, and that process is an emotional hook." ~ Tony Robbins

Looking forward to your thoughts on this! 
Take care & love,

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  1. really loved the post!
    something i am reading about and reflecting about a lot lately - normal for a phase in life where you know you need to change something huge but lack the starting position and feel blindfolded!
    i also think that reminding yourself about the fact that life is about progress is such an important point because this is something you loose focus of easily! even when you try to stay on the course of seeing life and change phases as progresses, human mind is so strongly committed to stupid perfection! :)

    excitement for a surprise sounds wonderful!