Freitag, 11. Januar 2013

MayCauseMiracles - FORGIVENESS is running the show!

The F - Word!

Learning to forgive on Day 5 (Friday, in my case!)

Forgiveness is the bedrock of a life filled with love and miracles. Practicing forgiveness allows us to let go of our old fear-based past and center into the present moment.
~ May Cause Miracles

In past posts I have already begun to emphasize the importance of living and appreciating the present moment. One thing, I would like to point out is that most of my posts have always related to what is going on for me and what I'm currently working on. Sooo, I definitely practice on being more present rather than thinking about the future, which is usually very faithful, positive and exciting (sometimes a little stressful too, being totally honest) or thinking/obsessing about the past and my past experiences. As much as we can get energized and fired-up from lovely experiences from the past, we can detour into a fearful reality if we put our attention to negative memories. When we go into our past and unpleasant experiences it often has to do with things we have done or have been done to us, where we hold a lot of resentment, pain and anger within ourselves.
How shall we be present and live in the NOW, when we obsess about past resentment???

It is our task to forgive in order to become happy and present in the current moment! Forgive ourselves, forgive others, forgive the circumstances! Own your part, forgive and forgive the other!

This sounds like a huge task and it is challenging at the beginning - personal growth is like learning to play an instrument, play a sport, create a skill! Personal growth is like growing a muscle... you are training your soul, your brain and your mental abilities *yay* so, you are doing something great for yourself and others :-)

The moment you are able to say 'I forgive ...' is the best start! Even if it is hard to feel forgiveness at first, it gets easier over time! In Gabrielle Bernstein's 'May Cause Miracles' one day is dedicated to the F-word every week *aaawesome*

So stay in the F-game and be patient and the miracles will show up naturally :-)

Lots of Love&Miracles!

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