Sonntag, 13. Januar 2013

Reflections & outlook :-) week 1!

Wow, amazing - week 1 of my May Cause Miracles journey is completed!

The past week has been about becoming miracle minded - that meant for me/my translation: Breaking free from limiting and fearful beliefs... letting go of self-doubt, fear, the 'I can'ts...' and the negative self talk that kept holding me back. In intenSati classes I called this voice the inner mean girl ;-)

This week I have (continued) built the muscle to consciously decide NOT to listen to my inner mean girl (= fear) and choose LOVE instead! This is also what intenSati is about and once I understood that personal development/growth is like building a muscle, committing to a daily practice has become effortless, even more it has become necessary and an integral part in my life!

The upcoming week is going to be about creating a new perception of YOURSELF!

Gabby is guiding the reader through the nitty-gritty of self-love (in the self-empowering way)! 

For me personally, self-acceptance and self-love are essential in order to have the strength to bust through your blocks and to pursue your inner-most desired dreams! Sometimes we are not even aware of the way we play small and that we let our inner mean girl/boy run the show.

Take a minute and ask yourself:
What would happen if you would operate from a self-accepting and -loving place? What would you be capable of achieving and believing?

I love asking these questions - psst... inner mean girls tend to be speechless this way, which allows you to listen to your authentic self!

Have a great week and I will be back with a reflection next Sunday!
Love & Miracles!

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